Statia 10


Point Tupper

As part of RESL’s strategy to explore wind resource opportunites in Nova Scotia, an Enercon E-48 turbine, with a capacity output of .800MW , was installed at Point Tupper Nova Scotia.

The installation was one of 7 RESL test turbines that was established throughout the province as part of Nova Scotia Power’s RFP for undewr 2MW installations. The Commercial Date of Operation (COD) for the turbine was May 20th, 2006 and maintains a 15-year Power Purchase Agreeement (PPA) with Nova Scotia Power Inc.

On August 4th, 2010, the .800MW Enercon E-48 test turbine was combined with 11 Enercon E-82’s as part of the 23.35MW Point Tupper Wind Farm.