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Renewable Energy Services Ltd. (RESL) is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation formed in 2000 in the Province of Nova Scotia. RESL’s Management Team is the most experienced in the Province and has paved the road for renewable projects in Nova Scotia.

RESL has erected and operated 7 test wind turbines in Nova Scotia since 2005 and has gathered exploratory wind data from eight sites in the province.  The company has 6 operating assets in Nova Scotia and two properties in Alberta which are in early stage and late stage development respectively.  Each of the 6 operating assets maintain long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) with Nova Scotia Power Inc.

RESL’s operating assets consist of 3.6 MW with 15-Year PPA’s and a 22.55 MW Wind Farm with a 20-Year PPA. RESL plans to harness the energy potential provided by Canada’s wind resources and other renewable sources. RESL has been an early entrant into renewable energy exploration in Nova Scotia and will use the knowledge gained in exploration to grow a significant enterprise in the region while exploring additional opportunities throughout Canada.

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Every revolution is about power.