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Update Posted: Tuesday, 5 February 2008

RESL announces Industrial 22mw Wind Farm in Richmond County

(Port Hawkesbury, N.S.) Renewable Energy Services Ltd. (RESL) today announced the development of a 22 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Richmond County as part of their power-purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI). The project will be developed on industrial land owned by NuStar Energy, Statia Terminals, where they currently have 1 turbine operating since 2006.  This phase of the development includes 11 turbines with a completion date of November 2009 with an investment of $55 million.

“Today marks an historic event for RESL and the industry of wind power in Nova Scotia.  This project will be the largest in Cape Breton to date,” says Larry LeBlanc, CEO of RESL.  “And, by developing in an industrial setting we serve the needs of the power consumer while minimizing the effects on the local residential community.”

“Projects like this demonstrate how our province has the capability to be a world leader in green energy”, said Premier Rodney MacDonald.  “Protecting the environment is a priority of my government, and it’s very exciting to see the private sector get involved in major projects that benefit all Nova Scotians, and help reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources.”

The turbines, Enercon E-82, are considered the best-in-class and use the latest technology.  This will be the first installation of this elite model in Atlantic Canada.  The turbines, which have a nameplate capacity of 2MW and a hub height of 80 meters, were selected based on data generated from the RESL’s initial turbine at Statia.  The data, collected over the last two years, indicates the area is optimal for wind energy production, distribution and further development.  Power generated will be largely consumed within the community.

“New wind developments, enabled by contracts with Nova Scotia Power, represent new investment in our province of more than $500 million.  It’s good news for the environment, for the Nova Scotia economy and for our customers who have said they want us to add more renewable energy,” said Ralph Tedesco, President & CEO of Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Alernative energy resources complement the existing forms of energy in Nova Scotia.  Wind power provides a significant opportunity for clean renewable energy systems with zero pollution emissions.  According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association, wind energy in Canada is growing at over 30 per cent per annum, with an installed capacity of nearly 1850 MW to date.  Nova Scotia is very well positioned to harvest this non-depleting source of energy, boasting one of the highest wind regimes in the world.

RESL owned and operated turbines are located across Nova Scotia in the communities of Brookfield, Goodwood, Digby, Marshville and Richmond County.  This allows RESL to capture data in order to assess each area for further development.

Currently, Nova Scotia produces approximately 60 MW of wind power.  RESL plans to develop 280 MW of wind power over the next five year period.  In North America, one megawatt of power can produce the energy needs for about 250 residential homes per year.

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Founded in 2000, Renewable Energy Services Limited is engaged in the exploration and development of renewable energy in Canada.  Operating on an aggressive growth plan, RESL will be a pioneer in building a new economy for the region based on a secure, clean and sustainable energy supply.

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